Infinite Swimming Pool

Infinite Swimming Pool at Lemon Tree Resort (Kerala)

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Swimming Pool
Infinite Swimming Pool - Lemon Tree Resort - Vembanad - Alleppey
Did you know what infinite pool was? I swear I never came across this word until I booked my stay in Lemon Tree Lake Resorts – Vembanad-Alleppey, Kerala.
Beautiful view of backwaters and swimming pool
If you stand in a certain point, the swimming pool will appear as if there is no end to it. The pool is next to the backwaters of Alleppey and that is the trick. Not all properties can boast of infinite pool!
Houseboat Backwaters
View of Houseboat parked in Backwaters of Alleppey
In the above photograph, you can also see a houseboat parked. The houseboat belongs to the Lemon Tree Resorts. They charge INR 23000 upwards for a day’s cruise with food. The houseboat photographs will be here.