Sri Rama Hotel Dharmapuri

Breakfast at Sri Rama Hotel Dharmapuri

Idly Vada
Idli Vada at Sri Rama Hotel Dharmapuri
We travelled from Bengaluru to Dharmapuri to visit the very powerful Sri Kalabairaveshwar Temple there. We left Bengaluru at about 5 am to avoid traffic near the Hosur check post. We reached Dharmapuri too early and were in Sri Rama Hotel by 7.30 AM.
Dining Hall Sri Rama Hotel
Dining Hall Sri Rama Hotel
The Sri Rama Hotel in Dharmapuri seems to be couple of decades old. I could make out with the type of furniture inside the dining hall. These types of furniture were used in restaurants during the 1980s and 90s.

The breakfast is served in the plantain leaf. The food was good and I have no complaints about it. However, I may look out for some other restaurant during my next visit.
Gobi Manjurian
Where's Gobi Manjurian?
The Sri Rama Hotel also serves Chinese! Go through the menu, you will find something funny - the Manjurian. Well, they mean Manchurian.