Royal Enfield Bikes

Images of Royal Enfield Bikes

Royal Enfield Desser Storm
Royal Enfield Desser Storm
These images of Royal Enfield Bikes were captured during our bike ride to B R Hills from Mysore City. The B R Hills is about 100 kms from Mysore and the road to the hill offers a great ride.
Tunder Bird 500
Royal Enfield Thunder Bird 500
There were about ten Royal Enfield Bikes, all 500 cc but different models. There were Dessert Storms, Thunder Birds and Continental GT too.
Continental GT Cafe Racer
Continental GT Cafe Racer
Very few bikes were in stock condition but most of them had some or the other changes and extra fittings. I saw may Enfields with modified handlebars, extra lights, horns, crash guards etc.

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