Kerala Parota Chicken Fry

Kerala Parotta – Satyamangalam Restaurant.

Kerala Parota
Kerala Parota
The Kerala Parotta is available in all the states of South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh). Not sure where this dish originated but it is popular as Kerala Parota everywhere. The one you see in the image was captured in a small restaurant in Satyamangalam.
Preparing Parota
Cook preparing parota
The Kerala Parotta looks similar everywhere but the taste and softness differs from place to place. It again depends up who prepares it. The one you see in the image was just average. OK to have once!

Chicken Fry

Chicken Fry
Chicken Fry
We had a weird experience with our order of chicken fry in this restaurant. With our order of Kerala parotta, the gravy comes free. I asked the waiter if the gravy was veg or non-veg. The waiter showed the chicken fry and said that the gravy was prepared with this chicken.

For moment I was confused. Later I realized that the chicken fry was prepared with the chicken in the gravy. It does happen in smaller restaurants.

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