Wood Art Varieties

Marvelous Wood Arts – Man & Woman

Wood Art Man Woman Children
Wood Art Man Woman Children
Wood arts are the latest additions in the Bangalore’s popular Cubbon Park. Many forms of art carved out of wood are installed in various locations of the park. In the above image, a man and woman are carved out of single wood. At the bottom, the shape of humans (children) completes a family.

Wood Art Human Form

Wood Art
Wood Art Human Form with Hallow Face
This beautiful wood art depicts a human being. Though it is not complete, still it is very artistic. Not sure if this art is carved out of single wood but it looks so. Its face is hollow, little work on the face section; this wood art would be complete.

Fish Art

Fish Wood
Fish carved out of wood
Big fish made out of wood. Beautiful Wood Art, isn’t it? This, no doubt, is my favorite. There is completeness in it and very detailed too.


Corn made out of Wood
Wood Art - Wooden Corn?
A great effort has gone into making of a wooden corn. It is a wooden corn, you can only see it and can't eat it :-)


I guess this is some old piece of wood work shifted from other place to here. This is made out of wood, but I feel the park is not a place of a cannon. The palace or the fort is where the cannon should be real or artificial.

High-rise building wood art

wood art
High-rice building wood art
This wooden art is an ultimate. It does attract many people in the park. I like the shades (not many are there like hint of black on brown. It looks like the wooden logs have cropped out of the building. Sometimes it looks like a haunted palace in a fairy tale but it depends upon once perception.

Photude.com, We are at Cubbon Park