Lablab, Baby Corn, Plums & Strawberry

Bean, Vegetable & Fruits – Cubbon Park

Fruits & Vegetable Shop Cubbon
Fruits & Vegetable Shop Cubbon Park Nov-2015
In Cubbon Park, Sunday’s are dedicated to Cycling and for this reason, vehicles are not allowed inside the park. There some stalls put up in the park so that visitors can buy home some fruits, vegetables and other items. These photographs of Avarekalu (Lablab), Baby Corn, Australian Plums and Strawberry Fruits were captured in a stall in Cubbon Park.
Lablab (Avarekalu in Kannada)
Avarekalu in English Lablab
Avarekalu (in Kannada) Lablab (in English)
Lablab is a favorite bean in South India. In Kannada, this bean is called Avarekalu. The image was captured in the month of November 2015. Not sure if it was a season but the horticulture department managed to grow it.

Baby Corn

Baby Corn
Baby Corn
The fresh Baby Corn was neatly packed to take away.

Australian Plums 

Australian Plums
Australian Plums
The Indian Plums are usually smaller than this. When enquired, I was told that these plums were imported from Australia.


Strawberry Cubbon Park
Strawberry - Cubbon Park
Strawberry, a favorite fruit among children!