Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements at Royal Orchid Hosapete

Flower Arrangements
Flowers & Petals arranged beautifully in Royal Orchid Hospet
The first two photographs of flower arrangements were captured in Royal Orchid, Hosapete. In the above photograph, see the flower color combinations which are going well with the container. The flowers are placed in a designer container and not a transparent bowl like the second one.

Flower Arrangement Glass Bowl
Flower Arrangement in a Glass Bowl
Flowers and petals neatly floated on water in a glass bowl. Observe the purple and red flower neatly placed on a white flower, and that’s going to be intact for the entire day. These kind of arrangement can be done at home as well but with little patience and ideas.

Flower Arrangements at Windflower (Coorg)

Flower Arrangement Windflower
Flower Arrangement Windflower
This was photographed in Windflower Resort Coorg; this is one of my favorite flower arrangements. Observe the photograph, the flower bowl is placed on the wooden table and the bowl is in golden color, seems to be a brass. The flower arrangement is also beautifully done.

Hope you liked the photographs!