The Ice-cream Cake, Barbie Cake & Musical Lamp

The Ice-Cream Cake with Ice-Packs

Ice cream cake ice packs
Ice-Cream Cake with Ice-Packs - Ibaco-Bangalore
The ice-cream cake was brought from Ibaco Bangalore. Check out the four ice-packs neatly fitted into the cake box. The ice-cream cake doesn’t melt soon if it is packed with ice-packs. The ice-packs can be refrigerated again to re-use. However, it had an expiry date.

The Beautiful Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake Pastry Amma's Bangalore
Barbie Cake (Black Forest Pastry) - Amma's Bangalore
The cakes or the pastries can be molded in whatever design you want. All is required is the skill or the money to buy it. This pink dressed Barbie cake was actually a black forest pastry from Amma’s (Bangalore).
Musical Lamp & Pink Barbie Cake
Musical Lamp & Pink Barbie Cake
The next to the Barbie cake is the musical lamp. When you light it, the lamp spreads its petals and the music starts. Well, the lights go off after a while but the music stays for longer time. Sometimes it is annoying and there’s no proper mechanism to stop it. The only way is to break it, and that, children will do it.