Lalbagh Gardens – Flowers, Stalls & more

Photographs from Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bangalore

The flower shows in Bangalore’s Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is more than a flower show. It is about everything green. Here are some photographs from flower show event which was held in the month of August 2015. The flower show theme was Bangalore Palace and the Mysore Rulers. This post contains photographs baring the floral replica of Bangalore Palace and the statue of Mysore rulers which is already published in this blog (follow the link at the end of this post).

Painting Green

Painting Green
Painting Green - preparing for the event
I was there at the second day of the flower show; it looked like the preparation was still on. The bonsai gate was being painted green.
The Horticulture Exhibition
Horticulture Exhibition - Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore - Aug 2015
The exhibition here is a permanent setup in every flower show. Each time anything from the agricultural sector is exhibited here. During this flower show, it was about Horticulture and its produce.  

Stalls in Lalbagh Gardens

Before you could reach the glass house, where the flower show is held, you will come across many stalls selling range eco-friendly products.  

Flower seeds shop

Seed shop
Florist selling seeds in Lalbagh Gardens, Bangalore - Aug 2015
People from faraway come here to purchase flowers, plants, seeds and other related products. The stalls here come up every flower show. However, there is a dedicated shop in Lalbagh all round the year.

Hooglu Natural Fruit Juice

Hooglu Natural Juices - Lalbagh Gardens - Aug 2015
Hooglu natural fruit juice- this seems to be a product of Karnataka. I got to know that the juice contain no added preservatives or any kind of chemicals.

Sweets and Savories

South Indian Savories
People were busy buying the savories of Karnataka.

Vetiver Handicrafts

Vetiver Handicrafts - Lalbagh Gardens - Aug 2015
Vetiver is a multi-purpose grass which has multiple uses. The guys here were selling hand crafts made out of vetiver.

A boy posing in front of Dr. Abdul Kalam sand art

Sand Art
Little Boy posing in front of sand art
A boy posing in front of a beautiful sand art of Dr. Abdul Kalam who recently passed away. This sand ar was created Ms Gowri, renowed sand artist from Mysore (see Mysore Sand Museum)

Beautiful Flowers of Lalbagh

Coming out of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens without a photograph of flowers will become weird. Here is some beatiful pictures of flowers…

Full bloomed Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus Flower - Lalbagh Gardens, Bangalore 
The hibiscus flower holds a very important place in Hindu worships. This flower is also a national flower of Haiti, South Korea and Malaysia and a State flower of Hawaii (see more Hibiscuss Flowers)

Rudbeckia Bicolor – Black Eyed Susan

Cone Flower
Rudbeckia - Yellow Cone Flower - Lalbagh 
This beautiful yellow flower is also known as cone-flower belonging to Rudbeckia genus.

Bunch of Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses
Bunch of Yellow Roses - Lalbagh Gardens, Aug 2015
This one is for those who love yellow roses.

Elephant Art (plant)

Elephant Art - neatly trimmed out of shrubs - Lalbagh - Aug 2015
Shrubs beautifully trimmed and transformed into an elephant. At the background is the floral replica of Bangalore Palace. The entire palace was created out of colorful roses.

Paper Boat Juice Packs

Paper Boat
Paper Boat
There were stalls selling Paper Boat juice and fresh jucies made out of mango pulp and grapes.

Abandoned Building

Abandoned Building
Abandoned Building - Lalbagh Botanical Gardens - Aug 2015
This building seems to be very old and week. There was a notice which warned visitors not to rest near the building.  There's already many photographs stuffed in here, any more will further slow down the page load time. This post has Part-2

I have posted the floral replica of "Bangalore Palace" in a separate post. Bangalore Tourism link - for some tourist places in Bangalore. 

Anymore photographs will only slow down the page load time. This post has a part-2