Home Gardening – Lettuce, Strawberry and Celery Plants

Passion for Gardening

You can find new ways and techniques to grow your own garden irrespective of the limited space you have. All you need to have is the passion for gardening. Hundreds of ideas will crop up if you make up your mind.

Lettuce & Cauliflower Plant on PVC Pipe

Lettuce & Cauliflower Plants
Lettuce & Cauliflower Plants
Why buy lettuce when you can grow it at home. The photograph holds proof that you can grow lettuce in a limited space provided you have a container with soil and little bit of air and sunlight, and in a weather conditions like Bangalore.

Strawberry Plant on the Bamboo
Strawberry Plant
Strawberry Plant on Bamboo
Gardening isn’t easy! It requires lots of efforts and willingness to grow plants at home. Check out the partitions made in the bamboo stick and the evenness too.

Celery Plants

Celery Plants
Celery Plants
If you don’t want to spend your time designing the pots, buy some pots along with the stand (which can hold multiple pots). In the image, the pot is made out of bio-degradable plastic.

If gardening is new found passion of yours, if you don't know where to start from? Head to nearby nursery to get some ideas. If you are in Bangalore, or nearby cities, nothing like visiting Lalbagh Botanical Gardens for great ideas. Here you can also buy plants, seeds, manures and related products.