Fort Aguada Photographs & Facts

Fort Aguada – Once a Chief Defence of Portuguese

Fort Agauda
Fort Aguada Goa - Upper Portion
The Portuguese started the construction of Fort Aguada in the year 1612 due to the threat of attacks by the Dutch and the Marathas. This fort has a reputation of “never taken by force” in its entire history. It was the most priced and crucial fort of Portuguese. The Fort Aguada is now a popular tourist spot in Goa and a best place to watch the sunset.

Some Photographs Some Facts

Aguada Fort
View from Aguada Fort
The main point of interest in Fort Aguada is the bastion that stands on the hilltop itself, although when compared with the overall area surrounded by defences, you realize that this is only a fraction of the fort.
Fort View
Portuguese built Fort Aguada to defend themselves from Dutch attacks
The old lighthouse which stands in the middle of the fort, was built in 1864 and once housed the great bell from the Church of St. Augustine in Old Goa, before it was moved to the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Panaji. The four storeyed lighthouse is the oldest of its kind in Asia.
Tourists in Fort Aguada
Tourists in Fort Aguada
The lighthouse has a capacity of storing 2376000 gallons of water, one for the biggest freshwater storages of the time in the whole of Asia.
Taking Selfie Fort Agauda
Tourist taking selfie in Fort Aguada
The Aguada Fort is divided into two segments: The upper segment is a Fort and a watering station. The lower segment served as a safe berth for Portuguese ships. The upper part has a moat, underground water storage chamber, gunpowder room, light house and bastions and a secret passage to escape in times of war and emergency. 

Facts from a book named "Goa" by Paul Harding and little from Wikipedia