Chicken Manchurian & Chicken Noodles

Dark Red Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian
Chicken Manchurian - Charan Residency - Palamaner-AP
Not sure about the ingredient that made this Chicken Manchurian this red. But the Manchurian was just awesome. We paid Rs. 130 for the Chicken Manchurian (in the photograph) which was worth it keeping in mind the quality, taste and the size of the restaurant.

Usually we travel to Chennai from Bangalore via Hosur-Krishnagiri rout. For some reason we had to take the Kolar road. We spotted a café shop on the highway near Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh and stopped for a coffee.
Charan Residency
Charan Residency - Palamaner - Andhra Pradesh
The café facing the highway was actually a part of larger restaurant – the Charan Residency. We decided to have some food there. We planned for Chicken Manchurian and Chicken Noodle, guessed it will be good after seeing the staffs there. All of them were from north-east part of India and probably would have taken contract of the restaurant. They all seemed to from the single family.

There were fewer customers during our visit to Charan Residency. In fact, there were no customers at all in the restaurant. Only a couple of them near the café facing the highway. Initially we were not positive about the restaurant.

Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles - Charan Residency - Palamaner
The chicken noodle was just good; it was as it should be and was worth the money (Rs. 120 per serving). The chicken pieces were generously mixed in the noodle and this is how I like it!

Hot Tea

Hot Tea
Hot Tea - Charan Residency 
The tea was super good. It tasted similar to the tea in Taj restaurant in Shivajinagar, Bangalore and Mayura Restaurant in Bagamandala, Coorg.
We rested our self in the garden restaurant; the building opposite to it (in the photograph below) looked damn empty. We didn’t bother to go inside. The only problem outside was mosquito bites. This is something unavoidable; the restaurant is surrounded by wild plants and empty fields.

Charan Residency - Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh

Charan Residency Palamaner
Charan Residency - Palamaner - Andhra Pradesh
The staffs were very friendly; they consisted both male and female. Seeing the condition of the restaurant, we were forced to ask if the ingredients were fresh. We did get a positive answer from them.

The Chicken Manchurian was good, the Chicken Noodle was good and the Tea was also good. Our next visit to Charan Residency for the Chicken Manchurian and the other two items is imminent