Candid Photos at Mysore Zoo

In the Mysore Zoo

During my recent visit to the Mysore zoo, I was quite disappointed as I couldn’t get some close-up shots of animals. The birds were caged; the elephants, lions and the gorillas were very far away and were in no mood to pose. The swans and ducks were under the shade and the snakes where inside the glass room. The only animal close by was the tall and handsome giraffe.  

The giraffe attracted quite a number of visitors, here’s some photograph of them.

Watching the giraffe

Surprised Face
Surprised face - Mysore Zoo - 2015
This guy has opened his mouth so wide, I am sure that he has spotted a female giraffe.

Perfect tourist
Perfect Tourist
Perfect Tourist - Mysore Zoo - 2015
He is the perfect tourists! Check out his shirt pattern and checkered hat.

Old age friends
Old Friends
Old Friends
The best thing you can do after retirement is travel. Well, there is no age bar for travelling. These two elders are really enjoying their day.

Kid on the neck
Kid on neck
Kid on the neck
Making the kid sit on our neck is a perfect way to get a clear view of animals in the zoo, for both of you!