Poori Sagu at Annapurna Goa

Delicious Poori Sagu and Kara Bath

Poori Sagu
Poori Sagu (South Indian style breakfast)
If you are planning for an authentic south Indian breakfast in Goa, head to the Annapurna Hotel. Not sure exactly where it is but this hotel is quite nearby to the Goa airport.

Kara Bath
Kara Bath (also known as upuma in Tamil & Uppitu in Kannada)
I was never satisfied with the vegetarian food elsewhere. This was the first and the last hotel, I remember, having a good breakfast.

Hotel Annapurna Goa

Hotel Annapurna Goa (Vegetarian Hotel in Goa) 
The Annapurna Hotel is pure vegetarian, specializing in southern Breakfast. The food prices were quite normal and didn’t burn the pocket. I guess this was the only low priced hotel we visited in Goa.

I managed to photograph the poori sagu and kara bath.