Lord Shiva Statue Palalli

The statue of Lord Shiva near Palalli

Our visit to Balmuri was unplanned. We were supposed to go to Bangalore from Nanjangudu but my friend insisted that we go to Balmuri and then go to Bangalore. While returning, we took Palalli route to reach out to the Bangalore-Mysore highway. I spotted this Shiva statue near Palalli (Mandya District) and forced the brake pedal without second thought.

Lord Shiv
Lord Shiva Statue near Mandya (Palalli)
I wanted to capture this image; I can’t afford to miss it today because I don’t know when I will come to this place again.

I feel that the Shiva’s statue requires further work and the extra iron rods have to be removed. I don’t think that coloring the statue will be a good idea. The present color itself looks dramatic.