It isn’t a train accident

Train Accident?

While I was passing near the Mysore’s Ashokapuram railway track, I saw couple of toppled bogies. For a moment I thought that was due to train accident. But there was no news about train accident near Mysore and why the hell they have not pulled the train back to its original position?
Train Accident
Train Accident? Really?
While capturing these images, a small boy came crossing the track. When I asked him why this train was upside down, he told me “training” and walked away.
The old trains were toppled to train the new railway recruits. Anybody new to that area would think that to be a train accident.  
Anybody would think that train went out of the track
While capturing these photographs, a very loud noise gave a scaring vibration to my body. Imagine a train honking in front of you… Thank god, I wasn’t in the track.