Idli (Idly)

World Famous Idli

Idli is a world famous dish among Indians, especially the south Indians. In fact, idli is a regular breakfast of some households in Tamil Nadu. It is a very healthy dish and very simple to make. In south India, Idli is served (breakfast & in evening) in almost all the vegetarian restaurants. However, idli is not the same in two different restaurants, households or regions. Just like any other food, the preparation of idli varies from little to large depending on the variety. Idli’s are usually served with coconut chutney and sambar and with combination with urad dal vada (simply called vada).

Idli is sometimes also spelt as idly, you will be searching for the same dish in Google if you type in this two spellings. If you are not an Indian national and if you want to dig more about Idly, Wikipedia has it all. I will update more photographs of idli (Idly) as and when I capture it in different hotels and restaurants. There are varieties of idli’s prepared but this post will contain image of common white idly. 

Shree Sagar Restaurant Bangalore

idli or idly
Idli (also spelt as Idly)
This one was photographed in Shree Sagar restaurant in Bangalore. This restaurant is situated in Kammanahalli Main Road, near Empire Restaurant, Bangalore.

You may share some photographs to publish it here, let me know where it was captured, little bit of information with the photograph helps the viewers.