Black Swan Feeding Fish

Black Swan Feeding Fish – Mysore Zoo

Have you ever seen black swan feeding the fish? I couldn’t believe what I saw in the Mysore zoo – the swan was feeding the other animal! I wouldn’t have been surprised if the black swan fed other black swan or the white swan or any other bird for that matter.
Black Swan
Black Swan - Mysore Zoo - Sept 2015
The swan was feeding the fish! Really amazing, isn’t it? I was of the opinion that swans loved fish and they usually hunted for it. I even thought that the loads of fish there in the pond were meant to feed the birds. But it turned out to be a friendly relationship.
Black Swan
Black Swan Feeding the fish - Mysore Zoo - Sept 2015
Birds are fantastic, started loving them more after seeing this in Mysore zoo. We got to learn so many things from them.