Four images of Euphorbia Milii

Images of Euphorbia Milii - The Christ Plant

The Euphorbia Milii is a thorny plant but with a beautiful flower. This plant is also known as The Christ Plant, Crown of Thorns and Christ Thorn.

The below image was captured in a home garden in Bangalore. Rest of the images were captured in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore. 

Euphorbia Milii Flower
Below three images were captured in Lalbagh Gardens. The thorn in this plant is believed to be poisonous and one should be careful while handling this plant. 

Beautiful Euphorbia Milii - Photography: Saravana, Bangalore 2015-16
Euphorbia Milii with Thorns - Photography: Saravana Kumar
Euphorbia Milii - Photography: Saravana Kumar
All the images were captured by Saravana Kumar, Bangalore.