Images of Yamaha Alpha Scooters

Yamaha Alpha Images

Below images of Yamaha Alpha was shot in an Yamaha showroom in Bangalore. I had been there to service my Ray. 

Yamaha Alpha Red
Yamaha Alpha
The executive there told me that the Alpha is more fuel efficient when compared to the Yamaha Ray which is Rs. 3,000 to 4,000 less. 

Yamaha Alpha Console
Yamaha Alpha Console
Lets wait and see if Yamaha Alpha takes on Honda Activa and Suzuki Access.

Yamaha Alpha White Color
Yamaha Alpha White Color

Yamaha Alpha Test Drive 

I did take a test drive of this scooter, it was as smooth as Activa and Access. I felt the pickup was little less when compared with my Yamaha Ray. May be it has been compromised for the miliage. 

If the Honda guys are not delivering the Activa in a day or two, I recommend that you opt for Yamaha Alpha - New Technology and trusted name! Isn't it?