Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream Neo

After comparing and test riding the TVS Sport, Discover 100M and the new Honda Dream Neo, I decided on Dream Neo. 

Honda Dream Neo Logo
Honda Dream Neo Logo

When I first visited the showroom in Bangalore to test drive Neo, a couple of days ago, the executive there told me that the Dream Neo returns the milage of 70 kmpl against the company brochure of 74 kmpl. 

Fair enough, the company always states more than the actual we get on road. But still 70 kmpl was not bad. 

I started reading many reviews on the internet which gave mixed information with respect to fuel efficiency. It ranged between 55 kmpl to 70 kmpl. But let me tell you, 70 kmpl under normal riding condition is a bullshit. Even the review should be fake!

Only after I paid the full cash, I realized that the Honda Dream Neo delivers 60-68 kmpl. I got to know about this from another executive who faces customers day in and day out. Well, not bad, I will be happy with even 60 kmpl. 
Honda Dream Neo Silver
Honda Dream Neo Silver

Honda Dream Neo Performance 

I don't think that the Dream Neo will lag in performance when compared with the Discover 100M or the TVS Sport. I test rode it twice and found that this 110 cc engine had enough power, it reminds me of the great old splendor. 

One thing I should appreciate is the seating position in the bike. The seats are broader and the handle bar looks sporty. I liked the one in TVS sport also but not Discover 100M. 

The Honda Dream Neo has the latest HET technology (Honda Eco Technology) which according to the company, gives super mileage while generating high power and torque.

I have booked the silver color - What you see in the above image.


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